Internal impact
Cambridge Regional College
The Gold Award goes to an outstanding internal culture change campaign following a college merger that included a very wide range of activities, led by the marketing team working closely with the senior leadership team. Keen to bring two merged colleges together, the project aimed to develop shared values, aspirations and behaviours that could be embedded quickly, alongside longer term initiatives. Culminating in a huge joint staff conference, the project demonstrated how instrumental the marketing team was to a massive drive across both colleges to bring staff, students and other stakeholders into one culture and ambition for the new organisation.
North Kent College
Highly Commended Award for a project leading on the branding, design and promotion of a new coffee shop for the college foyer. The project was intensely concentrated into a few weeks, and involved the team with staff across the college, external contractors and suppliers, as well as producing the branding and design internally and developing the social media platforms around the new service. Although still relatively new, the facility is already producing an additional income stream for the college as well as becoming a popular place to meet and talk. Congratulations for their Internal Impact award to North Kent College.
Making effective use of research & data sponsored by Pathways
West London College
The Silver Award is made to a project that started off as a brand, reputation and recruitment plan and ended with far reaching implications for the curriculum and estate. Well laid out with clear measurable objectives, the entry included good supporting evidence that brought the project to life and added value to the submission.
Bedford College Group
The second Highly Commended Award is made to project relating to a merger, which was well written, direct and clear with a good reflection on lessons learned. There was a clear path to follow from initial aims, through the research period and the project evaluation. It represented excellent value for money and presented the outcomes clearly.
Plumpton College
A very clear and thorough entry, outlining the range of issues facing the college which had to be addressed. The entry demonstrated an awareness and knowledge of the sector and the challenges facing it - and clearly outlines the processes undertaken in the rebranding exercise that followed on from the research project.
Events management
Solihull College & University Centre
The Gold Award is made to an outstandingly successful event which the judges felt leads the way for others. It showed great understanding of timing and the local market, a fabulous use of marketing tools to reach the right demographic, was closely allied to the college’s strategic plan, and was supported by a clear submission, with an easy to follow narrative and clear aims and objectives which were all met. An excellent result.
Shrewsbury Colleges Group
An event demonstrating great provision for students which really met needs within the local community. It showed clear links to the college strategic plan and included great application of learning from previous events as well as really good, honest evaluation of the event itself.
Telford College
A fabulous concept which linked A levels to career pathways with good clear messaging and a unique new name. A very successful event with clear and measurable aims, strong messaging supported by a great brochure.
Innovation & creativity sponsored by Itineris
North Kent College
A project aimed to showcase the whole college to potential students, developing a VR experience for use at external events and on social media. Clear and well thought out planning, including a recognition of the need for phased development and feedback and with ambitious aims to put the college at the technological forefront - a great example of innovation in action.
Trafford College Group
A summer recruitment campaign for a college which wanted to meet students where they are on social media. It focussed on the young person and their personal aims and ambitions. Excellent context-setting and analysis was included in the submission along with good explanation of the planning and development of the project along with a good range of supporting visuals.
Partnerships & collaboration
Truro & Penwith College
An outstanding entry that demonstrates the power of working with multiple partners to gain support to secure funding for a new sports and hospitality/conference facility. The campaign was creative, well thought out and well executed, ensuring a consistent message was communicated across multiple partners to build community support.
West London College
An entry which demonstrates the value of partnership working to address local skills gaps in construction and engineering, and to grow student numbers. It also exemplifies a best practice approach to campaign planning and implementation, with clear aims and objectives, a methodical approach to planning based on research and insight, and the utilisation of all the staffs’ skills to successfully implement the campaign within time and budget.
Social & digital media impact sponsored by Forward and Thinking
Barnet & Southgate College
An outstanding submission which clearly documented how the college rose to the challenge of cutting through the digital “noise” to engage with their target audience. A clear narrative showed the strategic and creative process involved in launching and tracking the campaign, and a very honest evaluation of success
Targeted recruitment campaign
West London College
A complex multi-channel campaign, grounded in outstanding research and evaluation. A strategic focus on the adult market generated exceptional results. The submission from this college’s Head of Marketing was faultless.
Milton Keynes College
A bold and creative campaign, providing yet more evidence of how marketing teams are doing more with less. A content-led campaign which increased application to enrolment conversion by over 20 per cent, tightly focussed on clear and concise objectives.
Solihull College & University Centre
A college which punched above its weight in a very competitive higher education market. An excellent range of marketing tactics played on the strengths of the college to great effect and the entry showed a good use of research as the basis of the campaign.
Truro & Penwith College
A campaign which launched a brand new college in an area of high deprivation. The many challenges faced were clearly set out, providing a solid context for the decisions made. Enrolments and momentum are building, and most importantly, applications are from new students, increasing the college’s overall numbers. The way this marketing team engaged with the local community was inspiring.
Full-time prospectus sponsored by Aston University
Barnsley College
A strong prospectus that sells its key messages right from the front cover. A well organised submission was easy to follow and judges were impressed by the value for money achieved by the use of in-house designers.
Exeter College
A prospectus featuring strong photography, good case studies and career insights that was both creative and diverse. The entry was well put together with a clear focus on results linked to college income. Judges liked the commercial mindset shown in linking the Smart objectives and evaluation to generating income.
Outstanding individual
Katie Featherstone, Bedford College Group
Proposed in a detailed, compelling and well evidenced submission on a person who is clearly at the top of their game. The sheer breadth and scale of the projects delivered was jaw-dropping. Effective marketing can be transformational, and this individual has clearly had a major impact on the culture, operations and future of their college. A vast range of high impact achievements that truly set the standard.
Bethh Oliver, Barnsley College
a great submission with a very strong focus on talent, fresh thinking and innovation. Although early in her career, this person is definitely one to watch. Sparky, innovative and a catalyst for change, although a relatively new member of the team, it’s clear she will go on to even greater things.
Communications campaign
Truro & Penwith College
A project which was rapidly put into action when a longterm ambition was catalysed by external developments requiring a three month communications campaign aimed at local representatives and people across a whole county. Against a backdrop of austerity and cuts, the marketing team led a high profile and high stakes campaign making use of key influencers and social media amongst a wide range of channels. Reaching national press and the BBC, the campaign was ultimately successful in its aim of changing hearts and minds.
Marketing Team of the year 2018 sponsored by AoC
Bradford College
A very strong entry from a team who have overcome many obstacles at a difficult time for their college. From under-recruiting, financial crisis and a notice to Improve, followed by a grade 3 from Ofsted, this team have had faced many challenges but have come out fighting! Financial pressures forced a restructure, and significant non-pay budget cuts meant a turnaround in their strategy which the team embraced. They met the challenges head on and increased their reach which impacted positively on enrolments, smashing their targets.
Exeter College
A team who have clear targets. Their digital first, data led, and campaign focussed approach has delivered strong results. This is a team which clearly has a creative edge and who aren’t afraid to try new ideas - they have a strong focus and are able to reflect and improve. Their introduction of a Data Apprentice is a really exciting move which is clearly having an impact
Capital City College Group
A newly unified team which is still in development, following multiple mergers, and which has already delivered impressive results during challenging times. This award is well deserved, and the team should be very proud of what they have achieved to date. They are a great example of how to work together following a merger. Our judges commented that they look forward to seeing how they continue to develop over the next year or two!