Partnerships & collaboration
Total People
An ambitious project that demonstrated agile cross-team flexibility, a stretching target and an impressive outcome achieved within a short period of time. Securing 150 new apprenticeship starts with a hard-hitting campaign in just 10 days made a valuable contribution to the success of National Apprenticeships Week. The project also served to address the wider skills agenda of the region. This campaign truly harnessed the power of colleagues working together and effective internal communications served to amplify its overall impact. The level of budget investment was modest considering the potential return on investment from apprenticeship funding income.
Sunderland College
A far-reaching and ambitious project which firmly addressed the challenge of a strategic approach to engagement with young people in schools across its region by delivering a structured plan to improving engagement from Years 7 to 11. The team showed great leadership and successfully gained the support of curriculum colleagues to deliver a series of inspiring activities in schools and at the college. A year-long campaign of consistent engagement with schools has brought the college closer to its core recruitment market and encouraged young people to ‘think big’ by introducing them to inspirational career ideas and exciting potential employers. This model for engagement sets the standard for other colleges and the lessons learned are sure to inform even greater improvements in the years ahead.
Making effective use of research & data sponsored by Pathways
Capital City College Group
A very important exercise undertaken at a pivotal point in the development of a new college group. The project drew on primary and secondary evidence and saw enrolment targets met, lower withdrawal rates and improved responses to stakeholders.
Events management
Bedford College Group
Our Gold Award for events management goes to a fabulous event which really showed an understanding that the college does not sit in isolation from its community, and that it must be integrated with that community for both to thrive and grow. The event really brought staff and students from across the college together to showcase the facilities and learning taking place. A unique and successful event professionally executed and reported. A very clear and well written submission allowed the judges to fully understand the aims and objects of a truly innovative event.
Northampton College
Our Silver award goes to a truly amazing event which engaged local schools and worked towards developing relationships to strengthen 14-16 education in the region. This event engaged schools by understanding and meeting their needs, attracting more young people into STEM subjects and thereby supporting the college’s strategic needs. A very detailed and comprehensive submission and the team should be commended on their hard work to develop and manage this highly complex and successful event.
Gower College Swansea
A great event celebrating student achievement and putting the student at the centre of the college. The planning and preparation for this event must be especially praised, as without that, the event would not have been the success that it was. The supporting evidence really enabled the judges to understand the entire event and the narrative was clear and well written.
Barton Peveril Sixth Form College
A fabulous event which had a significant impact on attendance at taster events, which in turn boosted enrolments. A very small Marketing team showed amazing understanding of what attracts young people to events and really worked towards ensuring that potential students felt part of the college community, even providing them with access to the college portal right from the start of their interest.
Innovation & creativity
Solihull Sixth Form College
Our Silver Award goes to a project utilising AI technology to drive people to register and attend the college’s Open day. Operating in a very competitive market, the college faces stiff opposition when trying to attract potential students. This was a strong campaign showing good planning, which led to impressive click-through rates and demonstrated good value for money.
Barnsley College
The Highly Commended Award recognises a lifestyle magazine created by the marketing team to engage a wider target audience and showcase the successes and diversity of the college. Using the magazine approach subtly highlighted the range of opportunities available whilst demonstrating the college’s impact on staff, students and the wider community. Features were written by both staff and students, thus also creating great opportunities for students to add to their CVs.
Social & digital media impact sponsored by Akero
Capital City College Group
The Gold Award shows how research and analysis brought together two college teams and informed joint strategy to improve working practices between the Digital and PR functions of the marketing team. Stronger, more relevant content was produced acroiss al channels, enabling greater insights which will form the basis of future campaigns.
Barton Peveril Sixth Form College
The Silver Award goes to a project which saw the college’s Edurank ranking go from 102nd to 28th, and all its digital channels improve engagement, with web users going up by 72%. The project generated audience growth by understanding key target groups and producing relevant and attractive tailored content.
Targeted recruitment campaign
The Manchester College
A good Ofsted report can pile the pressure on to marketing teams as senior managers expect a surge in student enrolments. This college showed how to execute such a campaign, with a clear message, striking design and superb action plan.
Waltham Forest College
Colleagues across the sector are used to doing more with less, but this marketing team battled through a budget decrease, as well as with staffing issues, to produce the goods. This was an inspiring campaign and a very well written entry.
Bedford College Group
A terrific campaign set against the background of a challenging merger. This in itself is difficult enough, but when combined with a small budget and no extra staff, it becomes almost impossible. But not for the marketing team at this college, who implemented an excellent campaign with positive results.
Sunderland College
A campaign executed on a shoestring budget, which was clearly grounded in research, and which demonstrated excellent outcomes. Eye-catching design for the campaign combined with targeted messaging to great effect. This was a huge credit to the college.
Full-time prospectus
Cambridge Regional College
This was a really well put together award entry with clear and measurable SMART targets linked to college income and ROI. It outlined the business case for the printed prospectus and its role within the recruitment marketing strategy. There was a high level of positive feedback from schools and careers guidance staff and the college achieved significant increases in recruitment through its overall marketing strategy. The career maps really tapped into the needs of stakeholders, and were a real innovation that reaped huge benefits for the college.
Communications Campaign
Barnsley College
Our Gold Award goes to an entry with clear SMART objectives and high quality execution. Supported by a well written submission and video, the campaign attracted good social media engagement and came in under budget – always a positive outcome!
Capital City College Group
The Silver Award goes to an entry focussed on improving engagement through social media channels. Judges saidit was good to see a team looking to gain internal buy-in and influence, and the submission explains how they involved other college functions to support their campaign. It was also positive to see a college comms team using a range of testing techniques for their social communications, and then evaluating the effectiveness of their social media campaigns.
Website Development Project
North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College
Our Gold Award recognises an ambitious, well researched and planned, and beautifully executed project that placed people at the heart of the process whilst maintaining sharp focus on technology, search, business objectives and mobile responsiveness. The team tackled issues around customer journey and support for those assisting young people and vulnerable adults alongside accessibility and design, whilst delivering a complex project that clearly met their objectives in terms of recruitment and ease of application.
Stratford-upon-Avon College/Solihull College & University Centre
Our Silver Award in this category goes to a complex and challenging project which combined limited resources with a highly creative approach. The website helped to support an increase in applications, cleverly sought to cross-promote courses at each location in a proactive and friendly way, and demonstrated a strong level of team engagement and commitment.
Outstanding individual sponsored by Forward and Thinking
Jordan Powell, Sparsholt College Group incorporating Andover College
Nominated by their line manager, our Winner began working with the team as a marketing apprentice. Tasked with supporting the production of the college prospectus, she quickly took on the lead responsibility for the project with commitment, enthusiasm and great organisational flair, scheduling content sourcing and photoshoots, and showing an excellent eye for design and good project management skills. She has developed from being an ambitious and able student to a confident and very competent marketer, with two publications to her credit and a new project redeveloping the college website under way. She has become a highly valued member of the marketing and wider college team.
Marketing Team of the year 2019 sponsored by AoC
Barton Peveril Sixth Form College
Our Marketing Team of 2019 is a highly effective small team who between them cover all aspects of marketing to support the college’s overall objectives for growth. Their entry showed clear aims and objectives linking to the college’s strategic aims. Operating on a tight budget, they are a passionate team who go above and beyond to deliver results. The entry was endorsed by their Vice Principal and the campaign the team delivered to develop taster days was highly successful, demonstrating an effective use of budget. Many congratulations to our 2019 Marketing Team of the Year – Barton Peveril Sixth Form College.
North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College
The Runner Up is a team restructured following a merger to improve its agility and responsiveness. Following the restructure, the team has come together to successfully deliver a complex project to redesign the college website, involving close cooperation with internal colleagues to develop a direct data import from their MIS system to ensure the content is accurate. Multiple objectives ensured the project delivered results, seeing an increase in site users and Google rankings.