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T Levels update (details to follow)

T Levels: what do they mean for communications, marketing and admissions?

As has been seen in the education press over the last month or so, this is a critical time for how T Levels are being viewed by the wider world.

 From schools and colleges  “missing” recruitment targets to some Russell Group Universities coming out to say they “will not accept” them – it is a turbulent time for all providers.

In this session we will be exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by these “still in development” qualifications. We will look at the ‘Strategic’ Challenges for Success for providers which need to be in place or at least acknowledged. And we will explore the communication implications of T Levels – whether your college is providing them or not.

By the end of the session, we aim to have provided you with a better understanding of how to navigate these tricky waters, and be better prepared to deal with T Levels – either as a T Level provider or as a college facing tough competition for students.

 Webinar leader: John Brennan – Managing Director & Strategic Lead

 Over 20 years John has worked with all types of education providers – from Sixth Forms to large FE Colleges, nurseries to UTCs, Free Schools and Studio Schools, MATs and Independent Schools.

He has provided them with advice, direction and high-quality solutions across the full spectrum of culture, communication, reputational and brand related issues. John is a trusted adviser to several CEOs, principals and headteachers and has a proven record in getting results and improving outcomes.

John is currently working with several new MATs providing advice on formation, growth and offer development strategies. He also advises a number of more established organisations on their external communications strategy and is helping develop a sustainable pupil pipeline for member schools and colleges.

This event is run as part of the College Marketing Network's "Alternative Annual Conference 2020" series of online CPD and training for Autumn. More titles to follow. Open FREE to marketing teams in CMN member colleges only. Booking by invitation to CMN member colleges only - watch for emails from the CMN office.

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Email marketing

A practical workshop to help your college get more from Email Marketing

 The pandemic has made us all review how we use communication tools available to us to engage our audiences. In this one hour Zoom workshop we will give you the practical tools to use Email Marketing more effectively to:

  1.  Create compelling marketing messages and campaigns as part of your student recruitment; student and parent engagement; and business engagement
  2. Using purchased lists to engage with local business 

 Rob Harrison and David Wilson of Glued will take you through a range of practical tips and tools. They will cover: key tips on list purchase; fitting email marketing into your recruitment process; creating, running and monitoring campaigns. Peppered into this learning will be interactive exercises on: how to profile a target email marketing list; writing engaging subject and head lines; and, selecting imagery that helps you say more than the sum of the part