Work by Bradford College photography students heads for America

Photographs taken by students from Bradford School of Art have been selected to join a renowned archive in New Mexico.

The images, all taken on pinhole cameras, were part of an exhibition held at the National Museum of Science and Industry in Bradford earlier this year. The exhibition, called Poetics of Light, featured hundreds of photographs taken on an array of primitive pinhole cameras made out of everything from shoeboxes to tin cans. The exhibition’s co-creator, Daniel Kosharek, chose 24 photographs taken by 13 students from the BA photography and HNC photography course at Bradford College for the show which ran at the museum between March and June.

And now he has requested the students sign their work and send it to him at the New Mexico History Museum to become part of the permanent Palace of the Governors Photo Archive, where he is the curator.

Sally Robinson, photography lecturer at Bradford School of Art, is thrilled for her students. “This project has been a fantastic opportunity for students from beginning to end, and they have gained so much from it,” she said.

“To have their photography displayed in a renowned national gallery space at the National Science and Media Museum was wonderful. Now they will, in the near future, have their signed work taken permanently into an international photo archive in the USA so they can truly say they have worked at an international level.

“Throughout this project they have won praise from all external contacts for the quality of their work, their professionalism, and their enthusiasm. They are a true credit to the college.”