Wallabies make their debut at Derby College

Derby College Broomfield Hall Animal Unit

Visitors to Derby College’s Broomfield Hall in Morley this Sunday (December 10) will get their first glimpse of the latest arrivals at the Animal Unit – a pair of Wallabies.

The five-year-old male and 20-month-old female have just arrived from a UK zoo and are housed in a special enclosure which has been built by staff and students at Broomfield Hall. The breeding pair, which it is hoped will produce a joey next year, will also be officially named at the open day after an online appeal for suggestions.

Animal Care Trainer Jonathan Taylor said: “The Animal Unit open days last year raised the money for us to be able to create the enclosure and the Wallabies have settled in well in a very short space of time. They are very placid and social creatures and the public will really enjoy seeing them for the first time this Sunday.”

Animal Care student Chelsea Oates (17) is among the student body who have helped to fund raise and build the enclosure - complete with a shed and a wind break to shield them from the elements.

She said: “The male is very happy to come up and eat food out of our hands but the female is still a bit more wary. They love nothing more than stretching out to enjoy the winter sunshine and appear to be very happy in their new surroundings.

“We are all looking forward to learning more about them and how to look after them as part of our study programme. They are beautiful animals and we are really hoping that they have a baby in the Spring.”