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For just one annual college membership, all members of your marketing team can access all our free services and discounts. As a member college of CMN, you can network with colleagues, keep up-to-date and refresh your skills, much of it without leaving your desk. And when you can join us for an event, take advantage of our networking meetings, early bird rates and discounts ONLY available to CMN members.

“Many thanks for everything whilst I’ve been Head of Marketing at the college. I’ve found the support offered by CMN invaluable.”

Our member benefits include:

  • FREE online training events – Workshop Wednesdays are an ongoing programme of FREE training which cover trending topics in education and marketing
  • Members Sharepoint site – access to a central site containing event information, resources to support your marketing and recommended suppliers from fellow college members
  • Private group email – chat with other CMN members, share your challenges and expertise with colleagues across the country and get support while sitting at your desk!
  • Member sub-groups for Heads of Marketing – you’ll be in a group with 10-15 other member colleges who are not your immediate competitors, so you can speak freely and access advice and support from fellow marketers, share ideas and know you are not alone! Sub-groups meet online half-termly and also chat via group email with a focus on strategic issues
  • Hot topic sub-groups – meeting online half-termly, plus email groups to communicate between meetings, these groups are demand led by members. Currently we have sub-groups for: Website Development, Internal Comms, Keep Warm Strategy and CRM systems
  • Team membership – once you join as a CMN member, all of your marketing team can have access to our resources, so if you have specialists within your team they can connect with fellow specialists from other colleges
  • Mentoring and professional support scheme – free peer-to-peer support between members on request
  • Significant reductions for our annual conference, FE First Award entries and other events. Early bird rates ONLY available to CMN members
  • Advertise job vacancies – share your marketing vacancies with the network and across the CMN social channels
  • Join anytime – you don’t have to wait until the start of the year or until your budget starts. Your membership will run for 12 months from the point you join.

Can I just say how valuable I have found the Network, particularly the group email and having the opportunity to network with other colleagues at events.

Membership Fees

Membership BandsPrice
Sixth form colleges, UTCs, academies£345
FE and specialist colleges: Band 1 (annual income up to £15m)£495
FE and specialist colleges: Band 2 (annual income between £15m and £40m)£565
FE and specialist colleges: Band 3 (annual income between £40m and £55m)£605
FE and specialist colleges: Band 4 (annual income between £55m and £65m)£675
FE and specialist colleges: Band 5 (annual income over £65m)£725

Please note we are zero-rated for VAT so these figures are the total costs of membership. College income figures used as published by the Skills Funding Agency

“I’d just like to say how valuable I’ve found the CMN, and express my thanks for all of your hard work in making it such a useful forum for best practice sharing.”